Massage in Windermere at Shasta Wellness Studio

Pamela started her massage practice 15 years ago after she took a Traditional Thai Massage Course in Invermere. Thai massage involves pressure points, palm pressing and stretching, thumb pressing, rubbing and arm rolling techniques. All of her clients really enjoy the Thai massage fusion style, especially the points in the hips, feet, stomach and head that she works, which typically most never receive anywhere else. She does a lot of deep tissue massage techniques, or she can apply very light pressure and tranquil strokes for a more relaxing massage. She has trained in a handful of other massage modalities and has formulated a nice sequence of mostly Thai massage techniques after 7 years of being a full-time massage therapist in the spa industry and running a studio.

Pamela is registered with NHPC so if you have an insurance policy you may be able to write off your massage treatments.

Invermere Massage Prices at Shasta Wellness Studio

Windermere Massage Prices & Massage Treatment Styles

Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Yoshea Healing Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage


$71.25/45 minutes

$47.50/30 minutes