Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Pamela Howse

When you can’t feel the sunshine, be the sunshine!

Energize your life with a renewed commitment to your motives, goals and hopes. In a life coaching session, we stop and take a good look at you. Self-examination is crucial for evolution. When we pay attention to our live’s patterns. We are able to create something new. Without examining what has been happening in our lives, we are destined to keep repeating. Self-examination gives birth to a new integrated self. This new self is no longer bound by the past, rather she becomes energized by the will of a brighter future. So let’s get together and discover you. Who are you? Your identity also creates your reality. It’s been said that the state of your life is a reflection of your mind, as well your relationships are a reflection of your relationship with yourself. If you want real change, you have to become very clear on who you are. You can make lasting changes in the quality of your life simply by stepping up your definition of yourself and taking better care of you.

Are you ready to get started today?

What is your hearts deepest desire?

Are you living your life in alignment with those hopes and dreams?

Do you struggle with making things that truly matter to you a priority?

I work with people who are seeking dramatic improvement in their lives by creating space for them to gain insight on to what’s keeping them back from attaining their highest level of satisfaction. Let me help you to uncover your next steps clearly in order for you to move freely into the reality that you are desiring to live. I want to show you how to transform your negative insecurities into new life affirming statements. We all have the power to create our own best reality, it’s just so super important to remember that you need to make time daily for your personal growth!

Making a list of goals is a great place to start, however, is your identity meeting your highest expectations?

And what are some new habits to set you in full swing towards your desired results?

Ask me about my ‘Vision Quest’ coaching program, and tell me when you’d like to get started on your ‘Personal Discovery’ with me!

Life Coaching Sessions $300

Vision Quest Program $1200  (includes 5 coaching sessions)